4 tactics that will Quickly Boost your Instagram Followers Count

Everyone loves to have a big followers count. We all want to get thousands of engagements on our posts. But everyone isn’t a celebrity that we have millions of followers behind us. Many of my friends/readers ask me this this question:
‘Bro, how can I get 1000s of followers?’  

When I’d firstly created my Instagram account, I struggled a lot to get even a low number of followers. As you aren’t a big name, so why will they follow you? Only few of my Facebook friends showed interest in following me. But I needed more. It not looks good when you get only 10-30 likes on your pictures. 

I tried few of the Apps from PlayStore but most of them were just time wasters. And few of them ask you to follow few unknown peoples on Instagram first, to get little followers.  That’s not a good deal. And also there were few apps that were selling Instagram followers at price of $10-50 - Too costly

But with time I learned few good tactics that really works. It helped me in boosting my followers count just within a week time.  P.S. I never tried those time and money wasting apps. So in this post I’m going to share you the tested tactics to gain 1000 of Instagram followers in short time. 

Follow as many Instagram profiles as you can.

In Beginning try to follow as many peoples as you can but be precise to your targeted audience. E.g. if you are looking for a booklover audience they search few popular related Hash tags likes - #AmReading, #Reading etc. and follow as many profiles as you can. Depends upon how much reach you need. There are most chances that you will get at-least 50% follow backs. So in this way you are getting larger followers base but you have to bear a lager following count as well.  Also search for few ‘#’ tags like ‘#LikeForFollow’ to increase your followers. 

Make your posts unique and attractive. 

Look at your profile at once. And ask a question – Is it looking out of the crowd? If not, try to make it unique. Try to reflect your brand in your every post. Choose a different colour combination or a different image style.  That will make a good impression about you on your followers. It will also help in reducing unfollowing rate as well. Not only that, you are also paving a way to give a good impression to your upcoming followers. As I said above, you aren’t a celebrity, so you have to give them a reason to follow. 

Make your Instagram Profile more Professional. 

Does your username suits you? Ask yourself this question. Some people use combination of Numbers, symbols or alien names as their username. They think that make them unique. But you’re wrong. You need to look familiar if you want to get new followers. Like take an example (@LookingDigitalCo or @Looking_Digtal9962) which one gives a good impression?  I think the first one. 

In the same manner try to give your bio a good professional touch. Keep it short and focused. Also your profile pic matters a lot. Keep a good image, little vivid and clear. Add your website or other social media handles details. But don’t make it feel it over added stuff. 

Post 3-4 times a day with popular ‘#’ hash tags.

This is one of the most given suggestion I got on this question- ‘How to increase my Instagram followers?’ also it works. Make a good valuable post that give a significant value, and then add many popular related ‘#’ tags to it. Do this 3-4 times a day and you will surly see that few unknown people are also responding to that post. That ‘#’ tag is making that reach to them. You can also use your Instagram Story to give significant values to your followers. Host a little giveaway or contests etc. to get a much interacted audience.

So these were the few tactics I actually use to gain more followers on Instagram. It resulted well for me, Will also do for you as well, if executed well. I will love to hear back from you. If you have something more to add in this post then ping in DM or comment below. I will surely add it here. Follow @OneForthIdiot on Instagram and Twitter.

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