How to Create YouTube Channel Art within 2 minutes?

So you finally started one YouTube Channel? And now you are looking to create some catchy channel art and logo for it with right dimensions? No problem, I’m here for you. In this post I will tell about creating professional looking Channel art for your YouTube channel within minutes. 
Well, I thought of writing this post because I noted this question many-times ‘How to make a good looking YouTube channel art?’ . We all know that it’s very important to give a good impression to your viewers. And also no one will subscribe to a channel with filthy looking Channel Art graphics and Logo, Right? So here we begin. 

Open and signup there: is in the list of my favorite websites because we can easily make beautiful and professional looking graphics, promos, social media posts, Book covers, Channel Art and almost everything just within minutes. So first you need to simply signup there. It’s very simple looking website, so it’s an easy task.  And in the next step you need to click on create “YouTube channel art” option. I’m attaching one screenshot just below, to show you where it is. 

Choose from Hundreds of free Designs:  

Simply keep scrolling until you find your choice. No need to worry, because there are hundreds of free Designs. Choose any of it.

Simply edit as per your requirements: 

Now if you have chosen your favourite design image, simply edit but resizing it as per your requirements or writing your needed texts.  

Save and Download and Enjoy: 

Now simply click on save button on top right corner and download your channel art in recommended format. And your downloading will be automatically started. 

Isn’t it is damn easy to create a YouTube channel art. Yes. At first I had also faced this problem. But Canva made it super easy. Even all my blog posts graphics, I design all them from Canva only. SO if this post helped you, then please look forward to Subscribe to My YouTube channel – OneForthIdiot.

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