How to quicky Increase your Twitter Followers to four digits?

“I need more twitter followers.” It’s not only your line. Many of us say this – Always. Many of us struggle to generate even a four digit follower’s count. Why so happens? Well I don’t really know the specific reason, maybe because you aren’t any celebrity or influencer. But yes, I can guide you to get at least a respectful number of followers on twitter. 

So, first ask yourself this question ‘What made you to follow anyone on twitter?’ Maybe you get impressed that profile. Here from good profile I am mentioning to all the combination of Good Bio + A catchy profile pic + an informative cover photo and all. Am I right? 
So before continuing further into this post, do have a clear look at your profile. Decide yourself is it good or not. And then I’m here for you J writing this post that could help you getting a good followers count. 

Join Different Twitter Directories. 

Yes. Like there is blog directories there are many Twitter directories out there. My favorite is; this website is getting quite popular these days. Here you can simply signup with your Twitter handle, and then create your profile, add your categories and all. Now you are ready.
Here you keep two things in your mind. This website works on making connections. That means the number of profile you are following, you are making connections and your probability of getting back- followers is high.  Sounds simple?
The more you become active on Twiends, the more followers you will get. (I can’t confirm, but it at-least worked for me.) Try to make more and more connections on regular basis; you will surely see the results.

Call-out your other followers to follow you on Twitter. 

Like you are very active on Facebook and Instagram and you have lager number of followers count there. Then simply post about ‘Follow us on twitter’ and give them a reason to follow you on twitter. They will surely follow. Also in your bio section mention about your twitter handle, whenever posting something unique don’t miss a chance to notify them about following you on Twitter.  This will make a good audience base on twitter as well, as they are already familiar with you.

The #’Tag’ Tricks. 

Did you try this step? If not then I’m here. Search few popular #’Tags’ like ‘#FollowForFollow or #LikeForFollow or #CommentForFollow and all’ and start liking all the posts. In this way you are showcasing your profile in their notification column and there is a big probability that they will start following you. Also while posting on twitter never miss to tweet on Few trending #’tags’. If you do this then there is too much probability of getting new followers.

The Followers copy Trick. 

Carefully examine those profiles which are related to your category or related to your niche or similar audience. See who are gives likes or re-tweets to their tweets. And then start following all of them. There is a big probability that they will follow you back. And also you are getting a good audience which you give you a good interaction on your posts. 

Make your profile look professional. 

I think you all will be aware with this fact. That you are not going to get many followers until your profile looks pro. That not that much hard task, all you need to do is have a good profile pic (Catchy and not much colour distorted), have a good cover photo with right dimension (Mention about your website or Business or work on it)  it much look passion thing.  Your bio should be short but focused and do add your website if you have.

They all create a good impression about you, when anyone checkouts your profile.

So there were few tricks which I use and now you can also use to get more Twitter followers. If I missed any point to mention to mention, then do let me know, I will add it as soon as possible. If you little spare time then do follow me on twitter @OneForthIdiot ;) 

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