How to Increase Facebook Page Likes to 25000 for free?

A Facebook Page can be a good representative for your business, website or your brand name anything.  You can connect with your audience (Those who like your page) anytime. Via different posts, memes, etc.  But stop.  This sounds very easy right? But it’s not easy actually. The toughest part is to get more likes to that page. E.g. 20000-25000 likes.
We all know that how costly Facebook ads are, especially at bigger level. Also they perform very slowly. And also I think that spending your money on increasing Facebook page like is not a good deal.  In this post I’m going to tell you a mind-blowing trick that will help you in boosting your Facebook page like up to 20000-25000 without doing much. 

Step 1

Create at-least 5 fake Facebook profiles.  But be careful to make all them look like real ids. Don’t get inspired from names like ‘Angle Priya’ and all, they are too common. Choose a good ethnic name, add good and real looking 4-5 photos, and make all the details visible in the profiles, like school details and all. It should look like a real id.  Change dates of photos, so that it doesn’t look odd.

Step 2

Now you have 5 Fake Facebook profiles, which look like real ones. So the next step is to add 5000 friends in each of the profile.  It may sound difficult, but it’s not actually. Follow few big meme pages or Celebrity pages on Facebook and then do comments on few of the posts. That will make your profile visible to many peoples who will show interest in sending you friend requests. Now, your job is to accept friends’ requests and send friend requests.  As per my experience it will not take much time to hit 5000 friends mark.

Step 3

In this step you need to convert all your 5 profiles into pages. Yes, Facebook gives you option to do it. If you have done adding 5000 friends to each of the profile, then convert them into pages.  Google search ‘Convert Facebook Profile into Page’ or simply click here. Now you will see the option telling you to export your information to the page.  Add the required details. *But change the Page name to your Main page name where you are going to merge It.* and instantly you will see that your page gas been created with 5000 likes approx.

Do the same thing to all the profiles.  Keep the same page name. Nor else it will not get merged in further step. Make yourself admin to all the Facebook pages.

Step 4

Now it’s time to merge all the Facebook pages with similar names into your main page.  Open your page --> Go to settings --> here you will see a opting saying ‘Merge other pages’ Click one that --> now you will be redirected to a page giving you the option to select the pages you want to merge. Select your page with one newly created page with similar name. So the same step for all the five profiles.

Wow you just did it. Now you will get a page with approx. 25000 likes on it. That means you have a larger audience base without spending a single penny.  If you have faced any problem with any of the steps then you can comment below your queries.  I will solve it ASAP.

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